Winter is Coming... Be Prepared for Winter Storms!


Metal buildings have a lot of advantages, such as not falling victim to issues that can plague other building types such as rot, cracking, warping, and pests compromising the stability of the structure. A common one, regardless of where you live, is how resistant they are to changes in weather. The first major cold fronts have now started ripping their way through the south (*shivers in Texan*), and with the Winter Solstice only a month away, we thought we’d share some things you can do to help your already wonderfully weather-resistant metal building have a happy holiday season.

First and foremost, the sooner you prepare your building for winter, the more likely you are to successfully winterize it! Whether due to preventing issues as a result of the winter weather or even due to lack of availability of materials, being prepared now will make things much smoother when the weather gets really cold, maybe even icy, closer to January.

Another common recommendation is to invest a little time on cleaning up. A hallmark of fall is, of course, all of the beautiful leaves but they have to go somewhere! Unfortunately, fall leaves and cold fronts can be a recipe for full gutters and debris along the roofline. A surprising number of reported roof leaks each year actually turn out to be water that backs up under roof eaves and leaks into buildings due to gutters that are full and are unable to carry roof runoff away. It’s worth taking the time now to make sure your gutters are free of debris and ready for whatever winter throws your way! Don’t have gutters on your building but wish you did? Our Component Sales department is happy to help you. 


In the same vein as cleaning things up on your building, it’s important to check the area around it as well. In the event of sleet, freezing rain, or any other form of ice storm, a large bush or a tree next to your building could result in expensive repairs waiting to happen - especially if they’re hanging above the building! When coated in ice, trees and bushes are notorious for falling on buildings and causing serious damage. Even smaller bushes coated in ice, if strong enough, could gouge at the walls of your metal building in the high winds associated with cold fronts and winter storms! 

Now is also a great time to check any seals around your doors, particularly if you have a climate controlled facility. Make sure your building insulation and the components that wear with everyday use are in working order and are prepared for the weather to come.

One interesting side note is the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a colder-than-normal winter for most of the country due to decreased solar activity. It states that while a few parts of the country will have a milder winter, others will have significantly increased chances for snow and blistering cold. 

Regardless of whether or not you put any stock in the Farmer’s Almanac, now is a great time to take action to protect your building and investment over the coming months.